Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Sex Toy Store in Town: Q Toys!

Stephanie, Q Toys Owner and All-Around Badass
It is with great excitement that I'm writing a lil' shout-out for Q Toys, a new, fantastic, gorgeous, inclusive, body safe sex toy store in Austin. This is the store I've been waiting for, the place I've wanted to shop in, the solution I needed when recommending toys and lube to people in Austin!

Q Toys is newly open on Burnet, in the same shopping center as Birds Barbershop, making NoBurn just that much cooler. The store is modern, clean, spacious, and has only high quality toys that are guaranteed to be free of toxic ingredients and to actually work--every product has a least a 1 year warranty. 

Q Toys will recycle toys, too, and give you $5 toward a new, non-toxic product. So if you've been waiting to replace that crappy jelly vibrator you bought in college, bring it in (clean it, please) and pick out something new.

But on to the goods. Stephanie, like Julie Sunday, is opposed to toxic toys so no products in her store contain phthalates. No jelly toys! She has a great selection of condoms and lube, including several that are manufactured in Texas. Shop local, y'all!

Stephanie carries Njoy, Lelo, Fun Factory, JeJoue, Vixskin dildos (which are made in Austin!), some gorgeous glass pieces, leather harnesses, Fleshlights, Tenga eggs, and more.

"My two favorite customers are the old lady coming to buy her first toy and the straight guy wanting to put something up his butt," Stephanie says. We couldn't agree more.

Stay tuned for details on a free G-Spot workshop offered by yours truly at Q Toys in April!

Photos of the space and product selection below.

Only the best lubes!


Fun Factory: Fun for Everyone!


The full selection of Vixskin Dildos. Trust me: You're worth it!

Butt plugs for cancer! Really!