Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trojan Makes Another Terrible
Commercial for Tri-Phoria

I mean seriously, who are these ads intended for? The last ad was cheesy as hell and this one is worse. Blow your hair back? For $39.99? Trojan is banking on the fact that women who watch infomercials have never been to a sex toy store, ever.

My favorite part is when the bride-to-be shares with her man that they got not one! not two! but three! Tri-Phorias and he slaps the counter and says "SAWEET!" Surely he's thinking, "One for each of my balls and one for the taint! Best bridal shower EVER!"

The ads for the Trojan Triphoria represent the first sex toy ads ever to screen during primetime, so for that we can thank our pals in Princeton who have the big money to get sex ads on TV.

Still not for sale in Texas though. Sorry, ladies (and gents).

Buy it here!


  1. Lol... I'm not sorry it's not in sale for Texas. That just means that I get real sex toys like Lelo and such.

    I have to agree with you though... that part with the "Saweet!" is just so corny I wanted to die laughing for that actor.

  2. i know, i'd like to think it's because we have higher standards but...i'm not sure that's true.

  3. Oh god, this commercial came on while the family was watching TV after Thanksgiving dinner... I thought my mom was going to fade from existence. "Is that a ... VI... BRA... TOR?!?"

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