Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Moment You've Been Waiting For:
The Go-To Gift Guide!

I think a 4:1 gift ratio is fair: 4 gifts for others, 1 gift for yourself. Check out Babeland's Sexy Holiday Gift Guides if you need more inspiration!

'Tis the season to buy gifts and, if you're like me, you worry over whether the gift you're picking out for your aunt or uncle is just right, and whether it'll actually be used or just wind up in the attic. I don't advocate buying sex-related gifts for family (not even my own family) but when it comes time to pick out something for your friends that will actually be used and enjoyed, sex toys can be just the ticket.

With that, I'd like to bring you some of my picks for this holiday season.

The Gift: The Honeymoon in a Box kit from Babeland.

Who's it for? The couple you still haven't gotten a wedding gift for despite having attended their nuptials months ago. Not long ago I went to a wedding and had a convo with the groom the night before the ceremony about how he wanted something that sounded an awful lot like a vibrating cock ring. This kit covers that base with a ring, a finger vibe, lickable oil, flavored lube, and dirty dice. After being married for 6 months, what better way to bring the Honeymoon back?

The Gift: A Fleshlight.

Who's it for? Your friend who's been deployed, just received a long away-from-home work assignment, or is otherwise in a long-distance relationship. But unless you're besties, don't get this one for someone who's single, becuase that's just awkward.

The Gift: The Lelo Soraya

Who's it for? The girl who has everything (cough cough, this is at the top of my list). This is the most gorgeous "rabbit" style vibrator yet and one-ups Lelo's last effort, the also-gorgeous Ina. The innovation here is the hole in the base, which gives more leverage in a situation where you need all the dexterity you can get. Also, rechargeable and totally waterproof.

The Gift: Jimmyjane Little Afterglow set of massage candles

Who's it for? The couple who's been together for a few years now and could use something fun. I'm a huge fan of massage candles and Jimmyjane's products always have high-quality, nontoxic scents so you can enjoy hot massage oil without the irritation of cheap, chemical smells.

The Gift: Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

Who's it for? Freakin' everyone (yourself included). I just looked at this book the other day and it's awesome. The printing is amazing, the models in the photos are diverse and hot, and the advice, of course, is excellent.

The Gift: Open Invitation (DVD)

Who's it for? That friend you have who watches too much bad porn who you think could really use some hot, high quality material that doesn't contain pop-up ads or crash their hard drive.

The Gift: The Bend-Over Beginner Kit

Who's it for? That couple you know who's been wanting to try anal sex for years but can't work up the nerve. With this kit the female partner can strap-on and bend over her guy, which ought to teach him a thing or two about how to be gentle and patient. Then maybe they'll be ready to try anal. Don't forget the silicone-based lube!

Happy Holidays!
Go-To Girl

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