Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pregnant? Scared?
Call Me in 2028

Dear Texas,

See how scary teen pregnancy is? It's like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But it lasts for 18 YEARS.



(The above PSA is from the totally legit Milwaukee-area organization Baby Can Wait which is a program of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee. Their PSA is terrifying but the website is full of actual real information and even provides links to stuff teenager actually need--like legitimate health service providers.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Girlfriend's First Vibrator

The Babeland Silver Bullet

Hey Julie,

I am having a bit of a dilemma. The girl that I am currently with wants to get a vibrator. I am supportive of the idea but I have some concerns, mostly with the size of the toy. I am worried that if the toy is large it will change the quality of the sex on my side especially because she is a rather small girl.

The purpose of the toy would not be for everyday use but more for those "I need it now" moments. Do you have any recommendations on toys that will provide her with what she is looking for with out causing a noticeable change for me?


Hi Tyler-

The "will my girlfriend's vibrator make my dick seem like a baby carrot?" question comes up a lot, and I promise you that no guy I've ever heard of has actually been replaced by a sex toy. Penises don't vibrate, it's true, but vibrators don't have boyfriends attached to them. So don't worry about her preferring her new gadget to yours.

That said, your concern about whether the toy's size will change sex for you (presumably because a big toy could stretch her out) is valid. And no, it won't. Remember, vaginas are designed to accommodate human babies, and not even the most epic size queen wants a sex toy that big.

You don't say if your girlfriend wants a vibrator to use during sex or if she wants one to use when you're not around, but I think a great introductory toy is the bullet. They come in all kinds of varieties, but the basic Silver Bullet costs $15, takes 2 AA batteries, and is perfect for handheld clitoral stimulation either alone or with a partner.

The new Sqweel from Babeland

If your girlfriend is after a totally different form of stimulation, the Sqweel is brand new from Babeland. It's a handheld "wheel" made up of little tongues to simulate oral sex. Probably a little awkward to use during sex but great for those "I need it now" moments she's having. At $59, Sqweel is an affordable way to get a totally novel form of pleasure.

The Delight from Fun Factory

For penetration, the Delight provides vibration, silicone texture, and G-spot stimulation. Plus it's really pretty. Oh, and it's rechargeable, which means there won't be any "I need it now...but I'm all out of batteries" moments. On sale for $99 at Babeland, Delight is pricey for a first timer but Fun Factory toys are high quality and Delight is a great investment. Not having to buy batteries will totally make it pay for itself.

Good luck!

PS-This is just a little aside to all the guys out there who have this concern: everyone, even your girlfriend, has the right to a solo sex life. For the vast majority of people, masturbation is a completely distinct form of pleasure that won't reduce their desire for their partner. Women who masturbate frequently have been shown to have more orgasms, want sex more with their partners, and be more in touch with what works for them sexually, all of which are good for you, the boyfriend. So everybody wins. That said, if your girlfriend (or wife, or whatever) wants to get a vibrator, it's not really any of your business. Unless you're buying, I'd advise you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Past Due:
Time to Repeal the Hyde Amendment

Check out this video from my pals over at the Center for Reproductive Rights that highlights famous progressive bloggers talking about what they would decline to spend their tax dollars on. Texans, what do you not want your tax dollars spent on?

You can learn more about how the Hyde Amendment has been fucking poor women for more than 30 years here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pre-K Student Kicked Out of School in Texas For Being a Longhair

A 4 year old pre-K student in Mesquite, Texas has been suspended from his class because he refuses to cut his hair. Via the Dallas Morning News:
A day after Taylor's parents and Mesquite school district officials failed to reach an agreement about the boy's hair, officials sent a letter saying he would be moved to in-school suspension next week if he does not conform with the district's dress code.
Instead of working one-on-one with a teacher's aide in the library, Taylor would work by himself at a desk in the Floyd Elementary School office, said district spokeswoman Laura Jobe. "There would be people checking on him from time to time, but it wouldn't be the same attention he has now," Jobe said.
No, really.
Photo via the Dallas Morning News.