Friday, April 16, 2010

UT Employee Accused of Making Popular Child Porn Videos at Texas Nudist Camp

The logo of the Sahnoans, the nudist club of which Diehl was a member

Uh oh...this has echoes of R. Kelly, minus the amazing music. According to the Austin American Statesman, David Diehl, a computer programmer at the University of Texas at Austin
"produc[ed] a series of videos that have appeared in more than 100 Internet child pornography investigations. Investigators say they think the videos, known as the "tent series," were produced in 2000 at the Star Ranch nudist camp in McDade in Bastrop County. Diehl was living in Austin at the time, investigators said. The videos show a man in a camping tent molesting a prepubescent girl, the complaint said."
Yikes. Guess who the man in the videos is? Diehl. If we collectively learned anything from R. Kelly's legal woes it is to not film yourself raping a minor and then distribute the videos on the internet.

Worse, Diehl is accused of filming the series at the Star Ranch nudist camp in Bastrop, which will surely make life difficult for the nudist community which struggles to make people understand that nudism isn't sexual and will also surely have to defend itself against accusations that their events are havens for people who get off on the nudity of children.

The victim "who identified her abuser as Diehl, a family friend. The victim, who would now be in her 20s, said that starting when she was 8 and until she was 10, Diehl molested her and another girl on several occasions at the Star Ranch."

But it gets better:
"Diehl's ex-wife, Kerry Jenkins, who said she and Diehl began a relationship when she was 15 and he was 31, the complaint said...Before they divorced in 2002, Diehl would tell Jenkins she was "told old for (him) now," the complaint said...FBI investigators looked at a video camera that Jenkins kept after the couple divorced and found a tape of two underage girls undressing for the camera, the complaint said."
God willing the younger students at the University are too old for this guy and he didn't victimize anyone under the nose of the school. But for all of the bajillions of federal dollars and creepy television shows devoted to Catching A Predator it took ten fucking years for them to figure out that this guy filmed these videos? These videos that came up in more than 100 other child porn investigations? Ten years during which this guy has probably victimized lord knows how many other girls?

Maybe the Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section should start investigating the Catholic Church abuse scandals--that way perhaps they'd figure out that the Pope (happy birthday, Benedict!) is responsible in time for, you know, the apocalypse.

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