Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crazy Things Still Happening in Plano: Anti-Abortion Edition

Leave it to Plano to continually distinguish itself as a place where weird shit goes down. Erlyndon Joseph Lo, a would-be lawyer from the Dallas suburb, was arrested this week after he went to court and filed a lawsuit stating his intent to use force to prevent women from having abortions, and requesting a restraining order to keep the cops from hurting him if he "had" to use violence.

Fortunately, the FBI realized the level of crazy they were dealing with and responded immediately.
"We won't tolerate threats to clinics," said Mark White, spokesman for the Dallas FBI. "We acted swiftly to ensure that no one was injured and that no act of violence actually did take place."
Way to go. The guy is clearly completely nuts, but he does have the following 'aww' statement on his personal website:
Women are awesome. All females are awesome. All females are as good as all males. Any one female is as good as any one male. A person is not better or worse than another based solely on the person's gender. Character is everything. Women must be educated as much as men. Females must be educated as much as men. Males must never abuse females in any way. A male must never abuse a female in any way. A male must never abuse the female he is married to.
Iddn't that sweet? But later his screed takes a turn for the worse:
It is MY SINCERE AND DEEPLY HELD religious belief (from now on "religious belief") that when I am completely innocent, in order to defend or protect myself or my own life, I may use necessary force, and I also may use necessary force to protect or defend the life of an innocent third person, even if that force happens to be deadly. Furthermore, it is my religious belief that life begins at conception. Therefore, it is my religious belief that a baby/child in her or his mother's womb is an individual and person with fundamental rights.
If you feel so inclined to help Lo in his legal matters, he has a convenient Pay Pal set up on his website so you can donate money. Otherwise, let's hope this guy gets the help he needs because he's clearly completely off the rails.

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