Thursday, April 29, 2010

From One Bro to Another:
"How Players Do It"

Imagine my shock when I came to work on Tuesday to find the glossy insert above tucked into in the Daily Texan shouting that 49% of female students at UT fake orgasms and chiding dudes for being bad in bed. But chin up, Longhorns, because a whopping 64% of Harvard ladies fake it (nevermind that, from what I hear, only 5% of Harvard students actually have sex).

All this in service of a video for sale entitled "How Players Do It: A Modern Man's [Uncensored] Guide to Sex." [HDPI] Aww, iddn't that sweet?

There's a wee scandal afoot because apparently the Harvard Crimson made an 11th hour decision to reject HDPI's ad entirely after accepting their money because of HDPI's survey findings on female masturbation at Harvard. By the way, Texas had the highest percentage of female respondents who copped to masturbating: a whopping 85%. Way to go, girls! Harvard lagged behind at 73%. HDPI's Ryan had this to say:

While we don’t believe that The Crimson truly hates female masturbation (btw, totally their loss if they do), something strange is going on behind closed doors at Harvard’s newspaper. They are fine with advertising an instructional sex guide, but the second a piece of blog content involved Harvard, they determined that this information was not appropriate for dissemination to Harvard students. Perhaps they see themselves in the role of junior cop for the administration. If so, this seems like a bizarre role for an independent student newspaper at a top university.
Dang, Harvard.

On the heels of the anti-sex "iChoose" advert of a few weeks ago, I had to get to the bottom of this. So I did some digging and scored an interview with Paul Penfield, the director of marketing for H-Spot, the parent website of HPDI. Here's what we talked about.
JS: What are you doing?
PP: We wanted to create a platform where normal, nonswinger/sexcrazed folks can go to learn and have a conversation about sex. Reading is not that appealing, so adding an element of "this is fun" is a huge piece of what we're doing.
JS: Why are you doing this?
PP: When we looked around at what was out there, what we found was the Better Sex video series, which makes sex really unappealing. Eighties lighting, weird looking people. And guys need a little more help; girls are a little more complicated. Magazines are the dominant source [of sex advice] and they continue to exist on two opposite sides of the pole [male v. female]. We need to bring them together.
JS: Who worked on this project?
PP: We had a great team of researchers, writers, filmmakers and artists. We had a great sex educator who watched the videos to make sure they were okay.
JS: What techniques do you cover in HPDI?
PP: what do girls want? It's non-dirty, informative, how the vagina works, what feels good, what doesn't. [We cover] fingering, oral sex...everyone who has seen it has liked it. We go from kissing to sex to anal sex and there's narration.
JS: What about safer sex practices?
PP: We cover that in the beginning of the movie and prior to the how-to sections. The couples in the film didn't use condoms but they had all either been tested before filming or were real-life couples. The anal scene does include condoms and lube, and we talk about that as a part of the scene.

You can check out the trailer below.

I watched the trailer, and I've read the website, but I haven't seen the video yet. Paul is going to send me a copy and I'll review it later. As someone who talks to college students about sex all day, every day, I can attest to the fact that guys do need some instruction--in how to talk to their partner about what she wants them to do to her.

Not that learning some new tricks isn't a good idea, but it doesn't matter how many instructional videos you watch or articles you read in Men's Health about how to MAKE HER COME TONIGHT, GUARANTEED! if you can't say to her, "Baby, I want to make you come, what should I do?" Maybe that'll be in the next video.

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