Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karl Rove:
Fox News to Get Into Texas Textbook Biz?

a Code Pink member at Rove's speech Monday. (Daily Texan)

Karl Rove was a guest of the College Republicans at UT last night and, Code Pink and other protesters aside, it appears to have been a relatively civilized event. The Q & A session at the end was moderated both by members of College Republicans and University Democrats, which have an impressive record of playing well with others on campus.

The Daily Texan did a longer interview with Rove, though, and they asked him about the SBOE textbook revisions.
  • The Daily Texan: What are your thoughts on the State Board of Education’s social studies revisions, which many people consider conservatively biased? How do you think this is reflected in the polarization of conservatives and liberals throughout the state and nation?

  • Karl Rove: I’ve been out of the state for much of the last three months, but these things need to be done with care and accuracy because we buy so many textbooks, and we drive the coverage for the rest of the country. We want to have a fair and balanced book depiction of historical events. (emphasis added)
Jesus H, Rove. Way to blow the lid off of News Corp's diabolical secret plan to venture into the textbook business.* Since I doubt that any legitimate, respectable textbook company will actually bow to the new Texas standards, surely Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck can collaborate on the new "Kids Are Americans Too: The No-Spin Zone for the Real America and Growing into the Patriot God Wants You to Be" for Texas elementary school students.

*I am totally making this up. But it makes sense, doesn't it?

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