Friday, April 9, 2010

Austin's "Fuck You" to Crisis Pregnancy Centers Rained on by Human Life Alliance

On the heels of the Austin City Council's unanimous fuck-you vote targeting crisis pregnancy centers, today's Daily Texan features a 12 page, full color, glossy advertising supplement called "I Care" from the Human Life Alliance that perpetuates all the usual myths about abortion: that emergency contraception causes it; that hormonal birth control causes it; that it causes breast cancer; that it's an evil plot to kill the black race.

"I Care" also touches on such crucial issues as "the science of sex" (spoiler: it's bad for girls, but okay for boys) and the "myth" of overpopulation (spoiler: white people aren't having enough babies and will cause the social security system to collapse).

Perhaps this coincides with the Austin distinguishing itself as only the second city in the nation to force crisis pregnancy centers to be forthright about the fact that they don't fucking do anything. But maybe the timing is just circumstance.

Presumably this won't apply to the advertising campaigns of Texas crisis pregnancy centers, which blanket television networks and billboards all over the state. *sigh*

For actual information about abortion and finding a provider in Texas, check out the National Abortion Federation. And while you're at it, send them some money.


  1. There was no part of this that wasn't bullshit, but I did like the whole "The American Cancer Association, as a government agency, can't be trusted" (I'm paraphrasing here actually) part.

  2. You really need to read Margaret Sanger's own words on her promotion of abortion as an effective way to exterminate blacks (she called them "weeds") and other "inferior" races. She is the founder of Planned Parenthood and they still give out awards in her honer. These were in her own writings.

    The abortion industry was created in America to cleans the nation of the "feebleminded and "imbecilic negroes" to use Sanger's own words (spolier: WHITE PEOPLE RULE!!!)

    While African-Americans are only 17% of the population, they account for over a third of all abortions. looks like Margaret Sanger's sickest fantasies are coming true. I propose a new slogan for Planned Parenthood: "Abortion - It's more efficient than the Klan."

    Planned Parenthood has also been caught on video lying to young women about fetal development and covering up statutory rape.

    Other than that, YAY ABORTION!

  3. Not sure what 100 year old writings of Sanger have to do with this topic at all, but even so the above comments are ridiculous simplifications and distortions of Sanger's thought and legacy. Do your own research, people.

  4. Link to Planned Parenthood lying on video, please? Cite your sources!
    I think that Sanger mostly wanted to keep the lower classes down- which happened to include a lot of African Americans, among other groups, and, hey, her class put them there! That sucks, but Planned Parenthood has moved far beyond policies like that. Also, don't start bringing out historical figures with flaws- in 100 years, all of our political figures are going to have monumental flaws that people can't believe we put up with.
    Also, I don't want to say that the validity of your argument is stained by "honer" and your use of "cleans" (cleanse?), but still cringeworthy.