Thursday, March 11, 2010

Texas Department of Public Safety:
Go Wild, Girls, But Don't Go to Mexico

the TDPS issued a warning on its website about spring break

Woooo! Spring Break! If you're planning to head to South Padre Island for Spring Break this year, don't go across the border to buy liquor if you're underaged, because you might die in the drug-cartel related violence happening in Mexican border towns.

Also, the TDPS has issued some very helpful tips on how to stay safe.
DPS is offering several tips for a safe Spring Break. Don’t text while driving. Wear your seat belt. Don’t drink and drive. Find a sober friend to do the driving. Don’t leave your drink unattended, and don’t accept drinks from strangers. Keep a fresh driver behind the wheel, or stop every couple of hours to rest and walk around. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Keep your friends close.
Thanks guys. Also, bring condoms, wear sunscreen, don't get any tattoos or piercings, and for the love of G-d, please don't post any pictures of yourself in a wet t-shirt contest on Facebook. Or be sucked in by the Girls Gone Wild urchins. Your future employer will find the evidence, I promise.

Former Texan Shelby Knox wrote a great piece for Huffington Post on Spring Break safety and she included several tips that wouldn't have occurred to me, including:
  • If it's mom you'd want the hospital to call when you've got heat exhaustion, program her numbers into your phone under ICE ("In Case of Emergency") before you set off.
  • As a rule, no one should leave alone with a new-found "friend" -- but if you absolutely must head out for a hook-up, have a friend program your prize's phone number in her phone and take a picture of you together. Set a time to check-in by text -- and make sure to follow through.
Thanks, Shelby.

Have a great time, y'all!

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