Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amarillo Mayor on Talk Radio 3/24

Via Amarillo Citizens Against Repent Amarillo,
I have just been told that Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt will be taking calls tomorrow morning (3-24-10) at 7:30 am on KGNC talk radio, the station can be found at AM 710. This would be a great time for Amarillo citizens to ask their mayor questions about this issue. So if you have time please give her a call.
The phone number at the station is (806) 320-0710.

The Route 66 was not Repent Amarillo's first success--they also managed last fall to get Amarillo's oldest strip club, the Crystal Pistol (how much more Texan can you get?), shut down through a minor zoning loophole that ended the club's grandfathered status.

Pastor David, the chubby, douchebag patriarch of Raven and Repent Amarillo, had this to say:
The Crystal Pistol Club is still open for the time being (they have a window or time frame to respond) but their days are numbered. If our ministry had not been watching these clubs so closely, the opportunity to capitalize on their poor decision would have passed by without notice.
The Crystal Pistol Club has been in business longer than all the other six clubs and as such is the flagship of all Amarillo’s strip clubs. It will be shut down because God has worked a victory through a small group of Christians who have been obedient enough to step out of church long enough to go out into our city to actually confront the Devil in his back yard.
If God can work this victory through such a small ministry as RAVEN, what would God work through the thousands of Christians in Amarillo who SHOULD be getting out of their air conditioned pews to fulfill the calling of Jesus Christ?
So now that they've gotten the strippers and the swingers, who's next? Pastor David blogged this just last week:
The adultery lifestyle is just the next wolf to emerge out of the dark recesses of our humanistic culture. Homosexuality is already out and currently seeking legitimacy by political bullying and marriage by judicial fiat. The adultery lifestyle is waiting in the twilight and is trying to sneak into the light of public acceptance. Pedophiles are waiting their turn to emerge out of the darkness of public disgust and illegality.
I don't think there has ever been a more compelling argument against public sex offender registries which will make anyone in Amarillo unlucky enough to be registered an easy target for Repent Amarillo and their bullies. But who does he blame for America's 'humanistic' culture? Swingers? Gays? Trannies? No:
Who’s [sic] fault, praytell, is it for this mess? None other than the American Christian church. Over the last several decades the American church has retreated into it’s “sanctuaries” and tried to pretend it can change the world by hiding the light of the Gospel of Christ under a basket, ie. a building. Pastors and elders have been preoccupied with building the next “Six Flags Over Jesus” megachurch rather than attempting to affect social change with the Gospel.
I can't help but agree with his last point there--there are enough Jesus-themed amusement parks already and surely God doesn't care if the roller coaster you're riding is called the Loch Ness Monster or the Jesus Train to Heaven. But I think Jesus does care about "evangelists" harassing and threatening people.


  1. Ha ha ha i am the one who closed the crystal pistol because it isnt of god and you people should be ashamed of yourselves
    i repersent Repent Amarillo move over

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