Friday, March 5, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi there, I'm Ms. Goose and I'll be a contributing writer here at How to Have Sex in Texas.

I'm over 40, bisexual with polyamorous leanings, quite kink friendly, a parent who is extremely interested in the abysmal state of sex education in our fair state, and a Texan by birth and by choice.

I was lucky enough to meet Miss Sunday about six months ago, and I knew when I saw the spark in her eyes, that she was solid gold. And she is. I'm glad to be working with her and I hope you'll enjoy my posts.

I'll be writing about comprehensive sex ed issues, alternative relationships styles, political issues pertaining to all of the above, as well as some general opinion pieces, all with a sharp focus on Texas, of course.

Until next time...

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