Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UT Falls 11 Spots on Trojan's
Sexual Health Report Card

Well, damn. After a metoric rise from 54 to 11 in the past two years, it looks like the Longhorns have fallen back down in the rankings to 22 in the 2010 Trojan College Sexual Health Report Card. At least we beat OU, though.

In case you're wondering, here's the criteria they use:

Sexual Health Report Card Categories:

  1. Health center hours of operation
  2. Availability of patient drop-in vs. appointment only
  3. Availability of separate sexual awareness program
  4. Contraceptive availability and cost
  5. Condom availability and cost
  6. HIV testing, cost and locality (on- vs. off-campus)
  7. Other STI testing, cost and locality (on- vs. off-campus)
  8. Availability of anonymous advice via email / newspaper column
  9. Existence of lecture / outreach programs
  10. Existence of student peer groups
  11. Availability of sexual assault programs
  12. Website usability and functionality

What this really reveals, however, is how unbelievably flawed Sperling's Best Places research methods are, because UT not only has services but also kicks ass in every one of those categories.

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