Monday, October 11, 2010

Norman, Oklahoma Location of
Latest LGBT Suicide, Inferior Academic Institution

After all the jokes swirling around OU's rousting of UT at the Texas State Fair earlier this month, it looks like there's another reason Austin is better than Norman: A teenager in Norman committed suicide after hearing obnoxiously homophobic comments at a City Council meeting about whether the city should designate October as LGBT History Month.

I know some of us may argue with whether OU is a reputable academic institution, but college towns in general tend to be more liberal (indeed, the Council voted in favor of the resolution), and who knows out of what backwater some of these meeting attenders waded to show up and claim that teh gayz were taking over their town and whatthefuckever.

Hopefully this will inspire OU's students to come out in support of their LGBT classmates today.

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