Friday, October 1, 2010

New Allegations That Texas
Governor Rick Perry is Gay

Thanks to my student A for alerting me to this little item in this week's Chronicle (which has, in the past, looked into rumors around Perry's sexuality and declared them bunk) documenting a campaign expenditure made by Texas Governor (R) Rick Perry at LaTeDa in Key West. Now I wouldn't discount the possibility of Perry courting high profile closeted Republicans at this iconic gay hotel in one of the world's most notorious gay vacation spots but...aren't high profile people supposed to be taking you out when you're running so they can, you know, influence you?

Look, Perry, if you're going to be cruising gay bars in Key West using campaign funds you should NOT PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I expect politicians to have exciting, secret sex lives. That's one of the perks of the job. But in my mind, if you can't even keep your affairs (gay or otherwise) a secret, then you're really not organized enough to be governor or president.

Ticket prices at the cabaret run $26, so it looks like Perry had at least two guests. $78.26 says neither one was his wife. Perhaps he brought along George Rekers and his "friend" to help with the bags?

It looks like the girls at LaTeDa have already posted a video tribute to their "sugar daddy" Rick Perry:

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