Friday, September 3, 2010

Repent Amarillo at Work in Midland?
Swingers Convention Canceled

We are hearing echoes of February's takedown of an Amarillo swingers club in Midland this week as, according to the Midland Telegram, a lifestyle weekend at a hotel in Midland scheduled for late September has been canceled.

A "concerned citizen" apparently contacted Midland's district attorney, Teresa Clingman, who started asking questions at the hotel about how an event like a swinger's convention could be conducted without breaking any laws.

Memo to Counselor Clingman: adults consenting to sex with eachother is legal, even in Texas. In fact, especially in Texas. You might want to review that itty bitty Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas.

As to who the "concerned citizen" was who initially complained to DA Clingman, my money is on the pastor at her very own church, Rev. Robert Pase, who just happened to be the person who informed her that the event had been canceled.

One of the attenders, George Long, said: "[I am] extremely disappointed at having it canceled. “The reason we picked Midland is because there is a huge lifestyle community in West Texas." And on the other side, Clingman said “I could not be more pleased, because as I said, that’s not the type of event we want to be going on in this community” sanctioned by one of our businesses."

According to News West 9, Clingman's investigation revealed that no laws were being broken, but that Marriott corporate pushed the Midland hotel to cancel the contract. Considering the oft-repeated rumor that swingers tend to be politically and socially conservative, it sounds like somebody is getting a taste of what it's like to be forced into the closet. Sounds like somebody needs to get Larry Flynt on the horn.

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