Friday, September 17, 2010

Product Review: Sex in the Shower

I was thrilled when I discovered that Sportsheets, the company behind the Velcro Bondage Bed Sheets and the Door Jam Cuffs, was venturing into products to make sex in the shower easier. So I made some calls and voila! received an assortment of products in the mail.

The Dual Locking Suction Handle is meant for showers with tile of at least 3 inches square or so (if your tile is too small, the seal of the suction cups won't stick) and is meant to withstand serious pressure. Our reviewer said that it held up under the strain of shower sex quite well.

The Single Locking Suction Foot Rest, which can double as a perch for shaving, fell right off.

The Silicone Lubricant, on the other hand, was a huge success according to our tester. It lasted and lasted and didn't feel sticky or greasy after the shower was over--a key feature, since silicone lube can be tough to remove from the skin.

They also have a variety of actual shower products, like vibrating sponges, poufs, and soap. I got one of each. The Vibrating Foam Sea Sponge is a real sea sponge with a powerful little waterproof vibrator in it. It felt good to wash with it but I don't know if it's actually intended for shower masturbation--I think the sponge's absorption of the intense vibrations would make it not super good for that. But for washing, it was nice. Ditto for the pouf and the soap, which I intend to take to the gym for post-workout showers.

Sportsheets products are always well-made and sturdy. I'm a big fan of their Beginner's Waterproof Harness, which has been repurposed for the Sex in the Shower line. Other items to try include the Suction Hand Cuffs.

Apparently Sex in the Shower has made a splash in Dallas, because the website features a coupon for two D-town retailers, Sara's Secret and Condoms to Go (as opposed to condoms for here?).

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