Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video: Dallas Police Chief Saying Exactly What We Said He Said

Via the Dallas Morning News. There's even more here than originally reported--Dallas Police Chief David Brown (the guy responsible for enforcing the law and punishing the offenders, just like they say in "Law & Order") suggesting that the message about drinking and safety needs to be communicated to the victims because, you know, they should have prevented their rape by not drinking and taking a gaggle of other women on their date with them.

I watched this video repeatedly so you don't have to. Here's exactly what he said:
It's relating back to, at least from my preliminary analysis so far this year, a little bit of known offenders, date rape primarily, alcohol is involved, and we're needing to create a message to the victims of these types of crimes on a prevention kind of component related to you know a first date, second date, someone you don't know that well, but you're at a club, you have a little bit too much to drink, having friends or someone help watch you or maybe have someone who doesn't drink in the group...[Reporter: So are we finding more of the victims are reporting the crimes, or...?]...No ma'am, we thought that initially, earlier in the year, but we're finding that these are people that you may go out on a date with and have too much to drink, you don't know them that well, and it ends in a sexual assault. So we're needing to do quite a bit of awareness, education campaign to that victim's group. It's causing the spike. [Reporter: I think it's timely with school going back into session, especially the colleges]...Yes, definitely."
So, sexual assault victims, keep in mind for next time that if drink too much or go on a date alone, you might get raped.

I'm all for educating people about how to stay safe--you know, lock your car, take your keys, don't leave your iPad in the backseat and you reduce your risk of car theft. Watch your drink, don't get hammered, and don't date rapists and you reduce your risk of getting raped.

But women can only be responsible for so much--rapists not raping is the key component of rape prevention that no woman can control. And the reason people go on dates with rapists is not because the perp introduces himself by saying, "Hi, I'm David, I'm a date rapist and I would love to take you out next week." It's because they seem normal until you get to the point at which they won't take no for an answer. Which is what makes them a rapist. Not how much the woman has had to drink .
Suggesting that this message needs to be communicated to victims of sexual assault? Police FAIL.

But damn this man looks good in a uniform.

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