Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Other Victims of Homophobia:
Children of LGBT Parents

Jesus Christmas. According to the Associated Press, St. Vincent's School in Bedford, Texas, a school in the "Anglican (read: anti-gay) tradition," accepted and then turned down the 4 year-old child of lesbian parents.

The school officials clearly failed to read the child's application before cashing the tuition check, because the one mom, Jill, crossed out "father" on the application and wrote in the name of the other mom, Tracy. But the school didn't put "mom" and "mom" together until both women showed up for a meeting:
Foster says the school is trying to protect children from being exposed to culture wars and stand up for its theological position. Its website, says: "Educating Mind, Body and Spirit in the Anglican Tradition."
Riiight. Here's the school's "nondiscrimination" policy that conveniently leaves room for discrimination against children of LGBT parents: "The admissions policy of St. Vincent's Cathedral School is non-discriminatory as to race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin, with all students enjoying equal rights to the programs and activities available."

It gets better.
Every school day our students encounter the Good News of Jesus Christ in morning chapel. While participating in chapel, students hear readings from Holy Scripture, sing hymns of praise to God, receive religious instruction from our clergy and lay ministers, and develop a custom of daily prayer.

But spiritual development at St. Vincent's does not stop at the doors of the chapel. Our faculty strives to model love and care in their interactions with students and each other; and students are encouraged to strive for the highest ethical standards in the classroom. As a result, in addition to receiving an education of the mind and body of the finest quality, SVCS students also develop the spiritual and moral character one expects of society's future leaders. (emphasis mine)
I think this school could use a reminder about the Good News of Jesus Christ: it is available to everyone without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, ability or disability, and even to jerk Anglicans who go out of their way to discriminate against gay people as a way of making a statement against the American Episcopal Church which, you know, is actually making the Good News available to all comers. And willingly accepting tuition money from all parents for chrissakes.

Texas needs a Quaker school like what.

And by the way, Free to Be...You And Me has been remastered and re-released on DVD! Buy a copy or donate to the Foundation. This makes the bleeding hearts of people like me totally gush.

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