Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pre-K Student Kicked Out of School in Texas For Being a Longhair

A 4 year old pre-K student in Mesquite, Texas has been suspended from his class because he refuses to cut his hair. Via the Dallas Morning News:
A day after Taylor's parents and Mesquite school district officials failed to reach an agreement about the boy's hair, officials sent a letter saying he would be moved to in-school suspension next week if he does not conform with the district's dress code.
Instead of working one-on-one with a teacher's aide in the library, Taylor would work by himself at a desk in the Floyd Elementary School office, said district spokeswoman Laura Jobe. "There would be people checking on him from time to time, but it wouldn't be the same attention he has now," Jobe said.
No, really.
Photo via the Dallas Morning News.

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