Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun With Math: Perry's Abortion Policy

Politifact Texas is reporting that the always semi-truthful Rick Perry is trumpeting to other half-sentient Republicans that legislation he signed last year, which contained a variety of mechanisms to defund/fuck Planned Parenthood, has "closed 12 abortion clinics."

What really happened is that, since the clinics that actually provide abortion weren't eligible for state or federal funding anyway, none of the abortion-providing clinics Planned Parenthood operates were closed. The shuttered clinics were those providing state-subsidized family planning services, STI treatment, and cancer screenings. You know, stuff that could actually reduce the number of abortions.

Ever flexible with the truth, Perry staffer Josh Havens said that while yes, it is a so-called factual statement that the closed clinics did not provide abortions, he would "make the argument that a Planned Parenthood clinic is an abortion clinic."

That's like arguing that a regular dentist's office is also by category definitely also oral surgeon regardless of what services are actually provided by the dentist but whatevs.

Reducing access to birth control and passing restrictive, nonsense laws like the mandatory ultrasound bill do not somehow miraculously make women decide that the best thing to do with their sex partner is to stay home and work on joint needlepoint projects and abstain from sex because, you know, Jesus. People have sex, sometimes they get pregnant, and some of those people want to have abortions.

The simple math formula works like this:

Sex + Birth Control = Not Pregnant (like 90-98% of the time)

Sex - Birth Control = Pregnant (like 85% of the time, over the course of 1 year)

Unplanned Pregnancy x Likelihood of abortion = 40% chance of abortion

Population(Sex - Birth Control) = Lots of Unplanned Pregnancies

Lots of Unplanned Pregnancies x Likelihood of abortion = Huge Increase in Abortions!

Way to go, Perry! Your signing of that dumb-shit bill will increase the number of abortions.

Gentle readers, why not make a small donation to the Lilith Fund, which helps Central Texas women directly affected by Perry's craptastic policies get abortions.

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