Saturday, May 14, 2011

Texas Aggie Conservatives Outraged that "Only One Perverse Sexual Worldview" Being Taught at A & M

I have never been to College Station. I don't know much about A & M. But the school has long been linked with the Chicken Ranch, the famous brothel profiled in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas so it's got something of a ... reputation. So color me shocked when the Texas Aggie Conservatives this week released a covert video taken during a presentation on "Safe and Fun Sex" by San Antonio sex therapist and educator Cay Crow.

The video, which is so amateurish that it never shows Cay at all and manages to only occasionally capture the extremely bland how-to anal sex video she played for the audience, features captions trumpeting the outrage that the University would sponsor an event teaching the how-to's of GAY SEX OMG.

Of course, this presentation is declared indicative of A & M's "funding bias." A link to the group's Facebook page invites visitors to:
Sign the petition against funding bias on our website to help us end Texas A&M University's one sided institutional support for the GLBT. Taxpayer dollars and student fees should not be used in a viewpoint discriminatory manner, promoting only one perverse sexual worldview.
All perverse sexual worldviews deserve equal state funding! Perhaps they could bring back the tradition of sending Aggie boys to brothels to "become men."

The About page of the TAC says "we are not affiliated with any other organization," but the Facebook page for Texas Aggie Conservaties reveals the source of their piss and vinegar and boilerplate conservative writing: they're affiliated with Campus Reform, which is the college organizing arm of the Leadership Institute, the arch-conservative training organization founded by Morton Blackwell.

In a New York Times article in 2001 about the Leadership Institute, Blackwell claimed that they did not teach "family values" in their training events, that that was "someone else's job."

"Someone" has done a great job of teaching those kids at A & M that it's just not fair that the University sponsors events to teach the how-to's of anal sex but not any other "perverse sexual worldviews." They obviously didn't realize that since everyone has a butt, anal sex is the least "viewpoint discriminatory" thing you can teach!

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  1. God. How embarrassing. This is exactly why I'm moving out of College Station this summer (to Austin, woot!). Everyone around here is an uber conservative with their heads lodged firmly up their asses, ironically enough. Sure, there was the Chicken Ranch, a loooooong time ago, but you must also keep in mind that the George Bush Museum is here as well...