Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slutwalk Austin Totally Asking For It On June 4th

The SlutWalk is coming to Austin. June 4th. What a great way to recycle your slutty nurse, slutty construction worker, slutty cookie monster, or hilariously witty 'gold digger' costume leftover from Halloween on 6th Street!

After having had just about fucking enough of cops, legislators, religious figures, and just about everyone else blame victims of sexual assault for 'dressing like sluts,' women in cities around the world are throwing down the gauntlet with the Slut Walk.

The event's purpose is to remind everyone, particularly law enforcement responsible for fucking protecting citizens and fucking prosecuting criminals, that a woman is never 'asking for it' because she dresses in any particular way, even if the cops think that way is 'slutty.' Rapists choose to rape victims--victims do not choose rape. Period.

Texas ladies had their own semi-recent brush with police chiefs blaming victims for sexual assault last summer; we covered that story here, here and here.

I love this Scottish anti-rape video by Not Ever.

Considering the hilarious debauchery Austin is known for on Halloween, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and basically every other drunk holiday, I hope to see you there June 4th!

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  1. Actually, their FB page says it's on June 11th. :)