Friday, March 18, 2011

Breaking: People Have Sex During SXSW!

What, no hard-to-find Japanese condoms in the hipster trap?

During SXSW Austin is like spring break for cool kids; all skinny jeans, fixed gears, and cheap beer. But not Bud Light, and no bikinis--those outre items belong in South Padre Island or Panama City with the rest of the college hoi polloi.

KUT did a story this morning on the "amorous vibes" created by all the tipsy hipsters--complete with a preamble that the story "acknowledged the existence of 'adult activity'"--without ever actually using the word "sex."

A quick interview with a staffer at the city's communicable disease unit disappointingly confirmed that no data supports a spike in STIs during SXSW, but that sex under the influence of alcohol (or drugs, fuck yeah!) and with unknown partners are also "high risk." So if you don't get around to asking, "Hey, have you been tested?" before you take your dizzy-legged pixie back to the tent you're renting on the East side, you're putting yourself at risk for STIs.

Unfortunately, despite the hundreds of brands in Austin vying for attention through official sponsorship or unofficial parties, not a single condom company (Trojan, cough cough) is here handing out much-appreciated samples. Maybe the hipster demographic doesn't use condoms? Herpes is cool again, after all...

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  1. I've always wondered why there isn't a plot or two with people handing out condoms, urging people to be safer.

    I'd be cool with that.
    More cool than I am with hipsters.