Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking: Operation Rescue "Exposé" on Texas Abortion Clinic "Abuses"

Updated: Press Release from targeted clinic Whole Woman's Health.

Cue shitstorm. Operation Rescue has released a "special report" on "widespread abortion abuses" at a selected few clinics in Texas. With videos, "undercover recordings," and masochistic tactics like digging through abortion clinic trash, I smell Lila Rose.

According to an Operation Rescue press release I received, tomorrow Operation Rescue staff and activists will hold a press conference at the Texas Capitol at 10 am, then have a meeting with the apparently not busy Attorney General Greg Abbott, and then come back to the Capitol to lobby for "pro-life legislation," presumably the mandatory sonogram bill, which is set to be heard by the House tomorrow.

Obviously, the overwhelming majority of this "report" is basic information that anyone could learn from visiting the website of Whole Women's Health, like the fact that they have a PDF of the state-mandated information about the "risks of abortion" that patients can download and ignore at their convenience, so women don't have to make two visits to the clinic.

The "dirty, back alley" clinics they describe are incriminated by, and I quote, "Faucets were corroded and leaking. Poor lighting in the waiting and examination areas was the result of numerous burned out bulbs. A leaky roof had damaged the ceiling and created the possibility of an unhealthful mold infestation." Call the cops! A potentially unhealthful mold infestation!

The report also attempts to hold the National Abortion Federation, which provides funding for abortions for women who can't afford them, responsible for the "abuses" and calls for an investigation. Unfortunately, women who need to beg charity money for abortions are more likely to visit bare bones clinics, because these women are poor. Having a baby they can't support would make them poorer. The solution, obviously, is to make abortion more accessible, not less, so that poor women aren't forced into clinics that are less safe than those richer women can afford.

The report also claims that the clinic violated HIPAA by not properly destroying patient information, and that they did not properly dispose of medical waste. If any of the allegations stick, these are likely to be the ones.

In keeping with the extremist, individually targeted tradition of anti-abortion radical activism, the report contains a list of physician names. This is a violation of privacy and also an invitation for violence against these individuals, many of whom are listed in the report as not having a record of "abuses."

This report's "findings" are largely bogus, but Attorney General Greg Abbott is a big supporter of crisis pregnancy centers and Heroic Media, which made news last year for its misleading and racist anti-abortion ad campaign. If presented with violations of the laws that unfairly target abortion clinics, my guess is that he will act.

More on this tomorrow after the press conference.


  1. I would like to know if ALL clinics violated HIPPA and proper biohazard disposal protocol like they make it seem, which I doubt is the case.

  2. Are there any pro-choice rallies being held tomorrow? I would love to go.

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