Monday, February 7, 2011

Texas Teen Sexting Bill: Now With
"Education" for Parents!

Good news for armchair parenting experts: the bill sponsored by both the epically anti-sex Attorney General Greg Abbott and Austin's state Senator Kirk Watson (D) now includes a provision allowing judges to mandate "sexting education" for parents! The program will teach "about the detrimental social and criminal aspects of texting explicit images."

With all his tireless work shutting down prostitutes on Craigslist, ending teen sexting, and solving the problem of human trafficking, it's a wonder Greg Abbott has any time left to, you know, represent the legal interests of the state of Texas against all those sluts getting abortions or, say, the neverending scourge of drug violence at the border. But nevermind all that--putting a stop to teenagers sending sexy pictures is definitely priority number 1.

Look, I agree with changing the law so that teenagers who send pictures of themselves do not wind up getting slapped with child porn charges--but a mandatory education program? Hopefully it'll be about as much fun as the Texas-sponsored celebrity cartoon "comedy" driver's safety courses, which promise success despite "No Reading. No Writing. No Arithmetic."
But hey kids, don't send any dirty texts for Valentine's Day, y'hear? This bill hasn't passed yet.

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