Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Tristan Taormino's
Expert Guide to Female Orgasms

Tristan Taormino, a hero of women sex writers everywhere, has been in the news a lot this week. Invited to speak at a conference on "Modern Sex" at Oregon State University, the grown-ups in charge at OSU canceled her keynote appearance at the last minute when they figured out a little too late that Tristan, in addition to being an amazing writer of such must-reads as The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and Opening Up, also makes great porn videos.

I've been reviewing Tristan's work since the original Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (I would totally lend it to you but I broke the DVD!) and many women who dislike traditional porn may appreciate Tristan's humanizing approach to erotica.

Every video features interviews with her carefully chosen cast members who describe what they want to perform. This is different from almost all other porn I've seen--Tristan gives the stars the reins, and doesn't push them to perform scenes they don't want to do.

Her latest film, part of her Vivid Ed series, boasts a phenomenal roster of stars: the smoking hot Jiz Lee, from the Crash Pad series; Mr. Marcus, a favorite of mine who has appeared in several Tristan films, including the Chemistry series; and Dylan Ryan, also a Crash Pad veteran.

Tristan's educational approach is to intersperse her teaching with action illustrating her points. This might be kind of tiresome for someone who doesn't really feel like they need to learn about the female orgasm, but after 30 minutes the film transitions to full length scenes.

As always, studying Mr. Marcus and his tongue should be required for anyone who wants to learn about great oral sex. His style is worlds away from the "flicking" and "divebombing" common in most porn, which maximizes camera visibility and but does little for female pleasure. His scene with Dylan is hot yet tender, and he has the uncommon ability among men in porn to seem like someone you might actually want to have sex with.

Jiz and Madison Young have a great scene together with Madison's well-loved Hitachi Magic Wand, and Tristan-favorite Adrianna Nicole demonstrates the utility of a stainless steel butt plug. Lots of the scenes incorporate toys, most impressively Dylan's use of the HUGE Njoy Eleven. I saw this thing in person at Good Vibes in San Francisco and seriously, it's giant.

None of the performers ever express disappointment at using a toy, a lesson that would be well-learned by lots of guys who feel intimidated by their partner's interest in using a vibrator during sex. I think it was Mr. Marcus who said, in Chemistry, that sex toys aren't "competitors, they're teammates."

Tristan's real talent is showing how hot sex can be without the boner-killing aggression and misogyny present in so much porn. It is possible to show slapping, spitting, and running the fuck and still be appealing to female viewers and therein lies Tristan's gift. Because of its focus on female pleasure and orgasm, this DVD would be great for couples looking for porn to watch together. Highly recommended.

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