Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greg Abbott Gets Appellate Court Smackdown Over Lesbian Divorce

image via Cafe Press

Color me shocked! The Statesman reports that Austin 3rd Court of Appeals ruled Friday that the divorce granted to two women married in Massachusetts was legal and, further, Abbott had had no standing to intervene to stop the divorce on the grounds that the women's marriage wasn't legal in Texas.

It looks like Abbott's aggressive pursuit of conservative causes through the legal system was challenged by the decision:
The opinion, written by Justice Diane Henson, noted that only under certain limited circumstances can the state appeal in a lawsuit where it was not a party.
Hear that, Abbott? This divorce was a party and you weren't invited. Dang.

The Attorney General can appeal, of course, but that wouldn't leave Greg much time to fight the raging triple scourge of teen sexting, Craigslist prostitution, and comprehensive sex education. And Spring Break is coming up!

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