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From blenders to bakeries, Bedpost Confessions pulls the covers off Austin’s sexy underground.

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"Have you ever cum so hard and for so long that you couldn’t breathe, and you were sure you were going to pass out?" Cheering replies and hell yeahs resounded throughout the room. The January edition of Bed Post Confessions had just begun.

Last summer four women, Sadie Smythe, Rosie Q, Mia Martina and Julie Gillis, decided to organize Bedpost Confessions, an erotic reading and performance series showcasing a diversity of sexual perspectives--the bulk of which would make most anybody blush.

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For example, one woman read a piece about the erotic intensity she experienced from the KitchenAid mixer she received as a wedding gift. And then there was the story about a husband and wife whose erotic encounter was interrupted by an unexpected shift at the husband's bakery. The scene climaxed with hot, panting telephone conversations paused by passing coworkers and, "Hold on, I need to check the baguettes."

The first show, held in September at the smaller bar inside the United States Art Authority, was standing-room only. And since moving to the larger main space in October, each show has been increasingly more packed. There isn't any other space in Austin where people can gather and talk about sex in this type of setting--good lighting, no nudity, intimate seating, and a friendly, enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Small index cards at each table invite those in attendance to share experiences anonymously. The "confessions," read by the hosts in between acts, range from the endearingly innocent to "OMG, really?" Among my favorites: "My friends and family don’t know this: I met my darling (incredibly considerate boyfriend) on CRAIGSLIST – the 'casual encounters' section. 4 years strong! Ya!!" and, "So, you know that train bridge that goes over Town Lake? Turns out that if you crawl down through the tracks to one of the big concrete pillars, if you can somehow manage to time it with the train going overhead… well, it’s pretty fucking awesome!"

The audience at Bedpost boasts great age and physical diversity, something which our culture often ignores. It celebrates the idea that being sexual is not actually confined to those who are young and hot, despite the almost exclusive media focus on people who fit into body norms. Looking around the audience, you might spot a couple in their sixties exchanging wry glances during a reading about fisting, or a man in an open marriage stand at the back of the room with his girlfriend while his wife reads onstage.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite performers, Big Poppa E, a well known slam poet who performed a number of pieces but this one, about what he would tell his (hypothetical) son about sex:

EXPERIENCE: You can catch the next show, a special event at the new lesbian bar Lipstick 24, on February 3rd. Or see the full Bedpost at the USAA on February 10th.

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