Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gay Dad in Dallas Removed as Scout Leader

via the Dallas Morning News.

Don't know how this got past me in October but Jon Langbert, the father of a 9 year-old Cub Scout in Dallas, was removed as Scout leader after other parents complained. You'd think with the federal government being all concerned about "Promoting Responsible Fatherhood" that they would be psyched about, you know, an involved, responsible father.
"I just found out a few days ago that some of the dads are not happy about having a gay guy running the popcorn fundraiser," Langbert told his local CBS 11 TV station.
So some aggressively flaming heterosexual wants to run the popcorn fundraiser instead? The fucked up part is that the local organization's leadership told Langbert that his being gay was no problem, but when other parents complained Boy Scout higher ups got involved and said that no, being gay trumps all other good qualities.

Langbert said he's going to try to push for a change. Let's hope he does.

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